tcping on Mac

1. Install tcptraceroute via brew:

2. Install tcping script:

3. Add soft link

4. Run tcping

[Root]YouTube AdFree solution without Xposed

1. Uninstall YouTube
2. adb shell
3. su
4. mount -o remount,rw /system
5. mkdir /system/app/YouTube
6. Download the adAway apk here
7. Move apk to /system/app/YouTube
8. chmod 644 /system/app/YouTube/yourAPKFileName
9. mount -o remount,ro /system
10. Restart your Android device.

This is a YouTube AdFree solution for Android Root users with someone who do not want or cannot install Xposed framework.

android 5.X/6.X exclamation mark with the Wifi & celluar image

The issue is caused by the Android 5.1 bug and there are two methods to solve the issue.
Download the apk and change it to
Use the following command via adb(You can find the slim version of adb here):

After finishing setting, suggest to reboot the device and everything will be ok.