How to create a branch from WP78 to 80

Please following these steps: 
1.right the trunk(include WP78 repository), choose branch/Tags 
2.navigate the combobox to “branch/80” ok. the solution, update the specified project 
5.remove the WP78 tiles from App.xaml 
6.remove the unavailable references and replace them. 
7.remove the package.config, it`s just contain WP78 nuget informations. the nuget packages. 
9.if you meet the vm:Locator not exist, you can update the MVVMLight using nuget, after all error has fixed, you can see the not exist error is disappeared. 
10.commit the new solution.

How to merge WP 71/80 repository with TortoriseSVN?

Here is the following steps :
1.navigate to 80(branch)
2.Right click choose merge
3.choose “Merge a range of revisions”
4.Choose all revision
5.choose merge.
6.If you meet collision(such as WMManifest.xml), choose prep local.

Windows Phone Toolkit cannot install with WP8.0

Successfully installed ‘WPtoolkit 4.2013.08.16’. Successfully uninstalled ‘WPtoolkit 4.2013.08.16’. Install failed. Rolling back… Could not install package ‘WPtoolkit 4.2013.08.16’. You are trying to install this package into a project that targets ‘WindowsPhone,Version=v8.0’, but the package does not contain any assembly references that are compatible with that framework. For more information, contact the package author. When I met the issue, it means I could not install the nuget package. The way to solve the issue is go to and install the latest package.