[Root]YouTube AdFree solution without Xposed

1. Uninstall YouTube
2. adb shell
3. su
4. mount -o remount,rw /system
5. mkdir /system/app/YouTube
6. Download the adAway apk here
7. Move apk to /system/app/YouTube
8. chmod 644 /system/app/YouTube/yourAPKFileName
9. mount -o remount,ro /system
10. Restart your Android device.

This is a YouTube AdFree solution for Android Root users with someone who do not want or cannot install Xposed framework.

Compile .NET source code on Ubuntu 14.04

1. Build the latest mono from source. You can also install from apt-get. But if the source code contains C#6.0 code, you’ll get error. The build process like following:

2.Download nuget from release. And also download Microsoft.Build.zip

3.Get the Nuget projects:

4.Build the full solution:

FMDB: obj = va_arg(args id) exc_bad_access

If the exc_bad_access exeption happened, the best solution is check the parameters you transferred should not be like int, it should be:

The solution means, DON’T transfer any original type(like int) to FMDB

refer: link