Force a resource language in UWP

If your app published in only one language such as zh-cn, but the generated package contain two languages such as en-us, zh-cn, you should to force language in Package.appxmanifest.
Locate the codes here:

Changes to eg: zh-cn:


  1. I have a questions, my application is targeting on “en”. But my folder/file names consist of af / it which are language short form.

    Do you have if i have anything to ignore the warning?

    Now my files are excluded and fail to access. Thanks

    1>MakePRI : warning 0xdef00522: Resources found for language(s) ‘af,it’ but no resources found for default language(s): ‘en’. Change the default language or qualify resources with the default language.

    • The warning seems that you haven’t set the default language(en). Have you try and create a folder/file names en language short form to avoid the warning?

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